Solar power plant off grid


1.Off-grid solar power system captures energy from sunlight and stores it in a battery bank for use in a structure
2.Plug and play,easy to install
3.Hot welcome in Southeast Asia, Middle east, Africa and South America

Why off grid ?

1.Reliability: Hihg quality components; Reliable solar power
2.Efficiency: Greatly convert sunshine into electricity for home use.
3.Safety: The system protection ensures a safe operation and a longer life span
4.Monitoring:Options to monitor your home&your system locally

Major components of a off grid solar generating system:

• Solar Array is a group of solar panels which absorb solar energy and convert this to DC power.
• Inverter converts the direct current electricity from the solar modules to loading .
• Controller whose role is issued by the solar cell module to adjust and control power , maximize battery charge , and played a battery charge protection , over- discharge protection effect.
• Battery: Its main task is battery energy storage in order to ensure that the load -day electricity at night or rainy.
• Solar Mounting Racks can be used to mount solar panels on the pitch/flat roof or ground.


1.Mainly used: Application with relatively-small power consumption,and the areas have no grid network coverage,or grid power is unstable or outage condition
2.Off grid home solar power system: provides grid power bypass in case of battery power shortage when sunshine is not enough
3.Design:All the off grid home solar power system configurations are worked out by scientific calulation and design

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Limba Solar offers various eco-friendly and energy efficient solar products.Solar mean user friendly, economical and environment improving energy solution.

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